Complete guide to window repair: expert solutions in Ontario

Complete guide to window repair: expert solutions in Ontario

Need window repair in Ontario and don't know where to turn? We can help you here! In order to repair windows efficiently, professionally and economically, it is important to have a reliable company and quality professionals. But, in addition, some key aspects must be taken into account that in this post we want to discover for you. 

Keep reading our guide to repair windows that will help you in your task :) 

Window Repair Guide 

The first step in addressing any window problem is to identify its root cause. Are the rubber seals worn or damaged? Are there cracks in the glass or frame? Have the counterweights on sash windows slipped? By carefully inspecting each window component, you will be able to determine what repairs are needed. 

Before beginning any window repair project, it is essential to have the proper tools and materials. This may include silicone seals, glass putty, screwdrivers, chisels, sandpaper and paint, among others. Also, be sure to work in a well-ventilated area and follow appropriate safety precautions.

    But the best thing to do is to have a professional and trustworthy company in Ontario. We recommend that offer services of Barrie replacement windows and windows ON. We will talk about them later, but now we leave you with a guide to repairing windows.

    Steps to Repair

      1. Cleaning and Preparation: Before performing any repairs, be sure to clean both the glass and the window frame to remove dirt, dust and old debris that may interfere with the repair process.
      2. Gasket and Seal Replacement: If the rubber gaskets are worn or damaged, carefully remove them and replace them with new ones. Apply a silicone sealant around the frame to ensure a tight fit.
      3. Repairing Cracks in the Glass or Frame: To repair cracks in the glass, apply a thin layer of glass putty over the crack and smooth it with a putty knife. Allow the putty to dry completely before painting if necessary. For cracks in the frame, use wood filler and follow the same procedure.
      4. Adjustment and Lubrication: If the windows are difficult to open or close, they may need adjustments to the hardware or lubrication at the pivot points. Apply a special window lubricant and make any necessary adjustments to ensure smooth operation.
      5. Paint and Finish: Once all repairs are complete, apply a fresh coat of paint to the window frame to protect it and improve its aesthetic appearance.

      Good window company in Ontario

      As we have mentioned, it is best that you go to professionals in the sector so that they can repair your windows in a serious, professional manner and with a quality finish. Here we are going to tell you about the best window company in Ontario: 

       At, more than 1 million windows have been installed, serving over 100,000 satisfied clients over the span of 10 years, earning the company multiple Home Stars awards.

      Complete guide to window repair: expert solutions in Ontario

      What sets Canadian Choice Windows & Doors apart as a leader?

      • Comprehensive Warranty: They offer an unmatched warranty on their products, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction for customers in Barrie.
      • Industry-Best Payment Plans: Affordable payment options allow customers to delay payment until 2025, starting at $69 per month.
      • Diversified Custom Design: Over 40 window and door styles are available, customizable with any color to fit aesthetic goals seamlessly.
      • Outstanding Energy Efficiency: Their DraftLOCK technology can reduce energy costs by up to 50%, prioritizing sustainability and economic efficiency.
      • Perfect Reputation: With a track record of installing over 1 million windows and doors and boasting more than 100,000 satisfied households, they have received over 3,000 positive reviews.
      • Hassle-FREE Process: Meticulous care and supervision ensure a stress-free home renovation experience with skilled professionals.
      • Barrie’s Premium Quality Vinyl Replacement Windows and Doors: Their designs maximize home value, brightness, and beauty, with newly designed Low-E coating technology for year-round performance.

      Choose Canadian Choice Windows and Doors for premium quality and learn more about their exclusive features and limited-time offers today!

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